Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Enhanced With New Features

Published: October 2, 2019 7:53 AM /


Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Mario and friends running

Super Mario Maker 2 multiplayer has finally gotten some upgrades, allowing you to play this level-building game with or against your friends. If you thought things were chaotic before, you have no idea what 's coming.

Previously, you could only really play multiplayer matches against randoms, aside from some limited options with local play. That has now changed with Version 1.1.0 of the game which adds in the ability for you to play with or against your friends.

Nintendo has released patch notes which contain details on Super Mario Maker 2 multiplayer. Once players connect their Nintendo Switch to the Internet, they'll be able to easily download the patch and get access to new features. Thankfully, they won't necessarily need internet to play the game with their friends after the initial install.

New Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer Include Co-Op and Versus

A game like this could easily have tossed in one gameplay mode and called it done, but Nintendo went for broke and included both co-operative play and versus. The addition of these two new gameplay modes will mean that the talented creators out there are going to be creating a heck of a lot of new maps to take advantage of the new gameplay dynamics.

Players will have the option to "Play with Friends" (over the Internet), use "Nearby Play", or use "LAN Play". While this is the sort of game that truly benefits from an Internet connection, you will at least be able to get a minimum level of Super Mario Maker 2 multiplayer if your service goes down for a while.

A few changes in mechanics were necessary for this new feature, of course. As an example, all players will take the same amount of time to move through a Warp Pipe regardless of how they may have been moving beforehand.

Mind, there is one important caveat: once you update to Version 1.1.0, you won't be able to play with anyone on Version 1.0.1 or lower in Network Play. Make sure your friends have all updated before you pull the trigger!

Several other changes have made their way into the game with this patch including horizontal Joy-Con support, enhancements to the Maker Profile, and more. You can read about everything new in Version 1.10 in the full patch notes.


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