Story of Seasons Mobile Game to Be Revealed Next Month

Published: April 28, 2021 2:54 PM /


Story of Seasons mobile game cover

Story of Seasons mobile game will be revealed by Marvelous next month at Tencent's annual game conference, but we don't yet know if the game will be coming to the West just yet.

Story of Seasons is probably the longest-running farming RPG to date. Originally titled Harvest Moon in the west, this franchise has been entertaining players with fun on a farm since the SNES and the games have graced over a dozen different platforms to date. Now, a brand-new mobile game will be revealed next month!


Chinese developer Marvelous acquired a license to develop the mobile version of the game from Tencent. Marvelous has been working on the game since 2019; one year later, Tencent acquired a 20% stake in Marvelous. Now, this partnership will bear fruit with the reveal of a new mobile game next month.

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When Will the Story of Seasons Mobile Game Be Revealed?

The Story of Seasons mobile game will be revealed on May 16, 2021, as part of Tencent's annual game conference.


"Marvelous and Tencent will unveil the 'Story of Seasons' mobile game at the Tencent annual game conference on May 16," read a tweet from Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel "ZhugeEX" Ahmad on Twitter.

It should be noted, however, that Tencent's conference is primarily for the Chinese gaming market. We've certainly seen some crossover from Chinese games over the years — most notably from games like Genshin Impact and Dyson Sphere Program — but there's no guarantee that it will actually make its debut in the Americas and Europe.

That said, farming RPGs are reliably popular if they're of a good enough quality; Stardew Valley certainly has seen its fair share of success on Android and iOS. If it does make its way to the English-language market, we may have to wait a few months until a few years after it officially launches in China.


Do you think the Story of Seasons mobile game will make its way to the West? What's your favorite game in the Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon franchise? Let us know in the comments below!



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