Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Glory Farming Guide

Last Update: May 1, 2023


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Like the previous Story of Seasons game and before that with Harvest Moon, the Bokujo Monogatari series starts off with your character taking over a farm. While your farm is small at first, through hard work, you quickly begin to see the fruits of your labor pay off. For beginners of the series, we've written our Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Glory Farming Guide to help you get to grips with one of the more confusing mechanics in the game. 

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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Glory Farming Guide

Step 1: Veteran Mode or Seedling Mode?

Your first choice in the game may also be your biggest. With Seedling Mode, your character will use half as much stamina as Veteran Mode. This can really limit what you are able do over your first month without using a ton of food throughout the day. Even in Seedling Mode, I was still using food to have enough stamina to remove the extra stones and trees around my farm. Another perk is that items in shops are discounted by 30% in Seedling Mode. This won't be a huge factor, though, because with these steps, you will have a surplus of cash.

If you are up for a challenge, choose Veteran mode; everyone else may want to start with Seedling mode first.

Step 2: Personality Types

I highly recommend you select Sports Enthusiast, Tycoon, or Charmer. With Sports Enthusiast, you will start the game with an extra stamina heart. Tycoon will give you a 50,000 G to start the game. This can really get your farm up and running quickly. Charmer will give a major boost to each person the first time you meet them. If you are looking to max out your friendship fast or you really want to get your life started with that special someone, this may be the choice for you.


Sports Enthusiast will have the largest impact on the game overall, but Tycoon gets you out of the starting gate and off to the races.


STORY OF SEASONS_ Trio of Towns - Farming
Why does she have an empty spot near the top of her garden???



Step 3: Load Up On Seeds

As soon as you can, fill every plot of fertile soil with either Turnips or Potatoes. As these start to harvest, keep planting the next batch until you get close to Summer. This will keep money flowing in throughout the month. Near the end of the month, start to switch some of the crops to Fruit Trees and Wheat and Soy Beans. These can withstand the Summer heat so you will be ready to go as soon as that hits.

Step 4: Purchase Livestock

As soon as possible, make sure you get a Cow and a Chicken. If you take good care of them, they will give you endless amounts of eggs and milk. I always like to grow a couple patches of Fodder. This way I don't have to buy it, and I can sell any extra that I accumulate. Until you get the Silo, it isn't worth keeping around a bunch of extra Fodder since you can take your animals outside most days.


Step 5: Upgrade Your House

In most "Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons" games I wouldn't recommend this until a little bit later in the game, but with Trio of Towns, make sure you upgrade immediately. The first upgrade on your house will give you the Wardrobe to change your clothes as well as the Kitchen so that you can start preparing meals. The other big things it unlocks is the Hammer and the ability to upgrade your Tools!


STORY OF SEASONS_ Trio of Towns - Chicken
Noooo, don't attack the chickens!


Step 5: Upgrade Your Tools

With Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, each piece of gear has several aspects that can be upgraded. Now that you have upgraded your house, you should be able to upgrade your tools the very next day, unless it's Ludus' day off, in which case you may have to wait an extra day. Start with the watering can first since I'm sure you use it the most. By upgrading the Weight, Effectiveness, and Range, you can reduce the stress of watering your plants each day. This also makes it even easier to get in that second watering at night.

Step 6: Complete Part-Time Jobs & Mine Everyday

Part-Time jobs not only give you a little extra income, they also raise your reputation and Town Link Rank. This opens up new items to buy in each town. Once you have the hammer, you can start to Mine in Westown. Do this as often as you can. You are going to need a ton of minerals to upgrade all of your gear.


Step 7: Farm Circles

Now that you have some income rolling in, you can start to upgrade your farm. I went with a larger coop for more chickens. You can also go for more plots of soil or another barn for cows or sheep. The choice is yours!

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