SteamWorld Quest Receives Free Content Update, Adds New Game Plus and More

Published: August 9, 2019 4:24 PM /


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Image & Form's recent foray into the SteamWorld franchise just received an update full of free content. Get ready to replay SteamWord Quest: Hand of Gilgamech all over again with new features adding a good deal of replayability.

This patch includes many options to add some playtime to this card-based RPG. The most notable addition is New Game Plus, allowing you to carry over a lot of progress you made from your first run of the game. New Game Plus lets players start the story from the beginning, retaining most cards and items. Image & Form does say that characters unlocked during the campaign must be unlocked again, but the cards you gained for these characters on your first run of SteamWorld Quest remain.


In addition to New Game Plus, SteamWorld Quest will offer a difficulty setting called Legend Remix. According to the blog post announcing this update, it's difficult and adds some new gameplay elements, but Image & Form did not specify exactly what this meant.

For some extra, non-gameplay essential content, players will be able to browse concept art and more, as well as listen to SteamWorld Quest's soundtrack via the jukebox. Quality of life changes include HD Rumble for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, balancing, and more. For the full rundown of this update, check out the blog post linked above.

The free update for SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech is available now. You can purchase the full game on the Nintendo Switch or Steam right now.



Quick Take

Free is good, and so is this game. SteamWorld Quest received good reviews from critics (like us) and I enjoyed the game as well. I know that the other game in the franchise I put a good amount of time into, SteamWorld Heist, received DLC. I love free content, and these additions are good. Still, I'd like to see some story content later on.


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