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Steam Powered Giraffe, the San Diego based band, will not only be making the soundtrack for the upcoming SteamWorld Heist but will be appearing in the game as well. SteamWorld Heist is the sequel to the 2013 game SteamWorld Heist created by the Swedish indie game company Image & Form. Steam Powered Giraffe will be creating all of the songs as well as any in-game music for SteamWorld Heist.

On top of being able to hear Steam Powered Giraffe they will also appear in the game in the form of a trio that Captain Piper and her crew will run into in bars while on the search to recruit more fighters. On top of being able to see Steam Powered Giraffe in all their steam punk glory as you go through heist missions you are able to collect sheet music that you can use to play even more Steam Powered Giraffe background music while back on Captain Piper's ship.

CEO of Image & Form Brjann Sigurgeirsson has expressed his delight in this collaboration stating "A SteamWorld game about steam-powered robots featuring real-world steam-powered robots. It's perfect!" in reference to Steam Powered Giraffe dressing as antique singing automatons. Brjann explains how this collaboration between Image & Form and SPG came as a complete stroke of luck when he "met with SPG at E3 in June to seal the deal, and since I love their music I have to admit I was a bit starstruck. But it turned out they loved our games as well. We're very much alike, childish and pretty resourceful. They wear a bit more makeup at times, is all.”

Lead Captain Piper and her crew on dangerous Heists to claim rewards!

David Michael Bennet, who is "The Spine" in SPG, spoke highly of the collaboration as well by saying “Luckily, make-up aside, our mechanical cog-filled hearts were in synch. When asked if we would like to collaborate with Image and Form on their next SteamWorld game we immediately said yes! We loved SteamWorld Dig, and a steam-powered robot band making music for a steam-powered robot game? Count us in!”.

If you want to get your first taste of Steam Powered Giraffe in SteamWorld Heist then you can check out the brand new music video for "Prepare for Boarding" and even catch a look of what Steam Powered Giraffe will look like in the game.


SteamWorld Heist will be releasing in the Spring of 2015 and if you want more information you can head to their official page. If you like the sound of Steam Powered Giraffe and want to learn more about this band and their interesting back story then you can also head to their official website.

What do you think of SteamWorld Heist? are you excited for it or just came to listen to some good music?

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