Steam Deck Quick Resume is Surprisingly Fast, Durante Says

Published: December 13, 2021 5:00 PM /


Steam Deck Quick Resume Case Closeups cover

A new report indicates that the Steam Deck Quick Resume feature is pretty darn fast. In fact, notable Dark Souls modder and porter Durante says that it only takes "a second or two" to get back into your game.

The Steam Deck is Valve's handheld gaming PC that was revealed earlier this summer. To the surprise of no one, its reservations sold out in less than a day. Since then, Valve has continued to build a support structure for the device with continued development and the introduction of the Steam Deck Verified Program.


Valve has also been working hard to get the Steam Deck in the hands of developers. Earlier this month, we got a first look at the packaging that the lucky few game devs will get along with the device. One of these devs is apparently Durante, a noted Dark Souls modder and porter who formed his own PC porting studio back in 2019 -- and he has a fair amount of praise for the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck Quick Resume Case Closeups interior
Valve has shown off closeups of the Steam Deck case late last week.

Durante Says Steam Deck Quick Resume is 'Literally a Second or Two'

As PCGamesN reports, Peter "Durante" Thoman appears to have his hands on a Steam Deck. According to him, Valve is making good progress with the development of its core software -- and the Steam Deck Quick Resume feature has had notable improvements recently.

"It's interesting how generally, 'better' (Windows) ports run much better in Proton on Deck, even if they are more demanding games," Durante said in a forum post earlier this month. "I have several rather low-effort K-T or IF ports that have various issues (none of which should be secret, just check the proton github tracker), but e.g. Valkria Chronicles 4 (still one of the very best ports of any JRPG-style game IMHO) runs perfectly at 150% supersampling. Suspend/resume got way faster in the last system update. It's now literally a second or two."


That certainly sounds promising, but Durante also cautions that this is just anecdotal experience on his part and that he hasn't undertaken robust testing of the feature.

"[...] I'm not running the tests you'd need to do (i.e. suspending/resuming 100s of games all the time)," he added. "I can say that since the update that made it fast it has worked 100% of the time for me, but in terms of [mass-market] testing that's not saying much at all."

This wasn't the only recent bit of news about the Steam Deck; late last week, Valve showed off closeup, high-res photos of the case and its contents. You can secure the opportunity to pre-order a Steam Deck after Q2 2022 with a $5 deposit on the Steam Deck's official website.


What do you think of the Steam Deck Quick Resume speed? Do you think Valve should try to make it faster or is 1-2 seconds enough time? Let us know in the comments below!

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