It Looks Like Steam Deck Reservations Have Sold Out

Published: July 16, 2021 1:59 PM /


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It looks like Steam Deck reservations have already sold out less than an hour after the handheld gaming PC went live for pre-orders on Steam, frustrating many gamers — especially those who couldn't reserve one due to server problems.

The Steam Deck was surprisingly revealed yesterday by Valve as a new handheld gaming PC. Unfortunately, reports from Michael Kan on Twitter and several people on Reddit say that this hot new item has already sold out in less than an hour.


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(Image Credit: @Michael_Kan on Twitter.)

"Tried [to pre-order a Steam Deck] on the dot, payment kept coming up with error initializing over & over for 15min no matter what payment method I choose," read one Reddit comment from /u/Flipme. "Gave up, come back now and [it's] saying Reservation servers are too busy, buttons are [greyed] out, & Q2 2022, FML."

That one Reddit comment echoes problems that customers reported in several Reddit threads — as one might expect, the Steam servers were absolutely hammered by the influx of new customers. Aside from not getting their reservation in on time, several customers are saying that they found themselves locked out from making any purchases on Steam whatsoever after clicking the button one too many times. It looks like quite a few people had a problem getting their Steam Deck reservations in before they all sold out.

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When Do Steam Deck Reservations Restock?

Steam Deck reservations will be available again sometime in Q1 2022 according to several reports from frustrated customers. That means your next chance to get one from Valve will likely be sometime between January 1, 2022–March 31, 2022.

At the moment, the Steam Deck website isn't even loading that message announcing the delay for us; that said, the user reporting has been quick and consistent, so it seems like they genuinely have sold out. It looks like your next chance to get a Steam Deck will be sometime early next year.

Did you manage to get your Steam Deck reservations in before they sold out? Do you think this level of popularity is a good sign for handheld PC gaming? Let us know in the comments below!




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