Starbound Bounty Hunter Update Launched as Unstable Version

Published: April 26, 2019 9:31 PM /



Starbound's 1.4 Bounty Hunter update has been a long time coming, and now fans can get their hands on the unstable version of this update right now.

Included in this update is in the name itself - bounty hunting. This includes "procedurally-generated quests" allowing for players to hunt down and find criminals among the stars of Starbound's universe. Players will fight against criminal gangs, going through their base to take out the leader. One GIF in the new blog post shows an adventurer taking on a group of beer-headed aliens called the Brew Thug Boys.

Players are part of a group called the Peacekeepers. They can rise up in Peacekeeper ranks, which can be done by accessing Peacekeeper stations. Brand new events can also occur while you're on the hunt.

Additional content includes new dungeons, items, furniture, elemental monster variants, and bugfixes. It should be noted that this update is its Unstable branch, meaning that it's not officially out yet for the main game.

In your Steam library, there is a separate game called "Starbound [Unstable]" which updates separately from the stable version of the game. This has its own save files, as well. Lastly, Chucklefish reiterates:

It’s still in development, so things now are not necessarily representative of the final implementation – and expect some bugs and incomplete content (and back up characters before playing).
So, if you want to get your hands on this substantial new update for this sandbox adventure game, Starbound's Bounty Hunter Update is in unstable now.

Quick Thought

Starbound has been out for quite a while now. In fact, I remember playing early access in high school, enjoying every new update released. I'm really happy to see more content on the way for this wonderful game, and I think it's about time I jump in. Bounty hunting sounds like it's perfect for the Starbound universe, and I look forward to rising in rank with the Peacekeepers.

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