Star Citizen Releases January Studio Report

Published: February 7, 2015 10:58 PM /


Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games, the main developers behind the crowd funded game Star Citizen have published their monthly report for development updates on the game. The report this month has the usual updates from each of the studios working on the game, along with video recordings of their recent town hall event that took place in San Antonio, Texas last month.

Cloud Imperium Games has grown significantly in the last year, with offices currently in Santa Monica, Austin in the United States, and Cheshire in the United Kingdom. They have also contracted work out to several other outside studios to assist with development, most notably Behavior Interactive in Montreal, Canada. There is also IllFonic in Denver and Los Angeles. The report also talks about bringing the map of the universe they are building onto the website, which is custom built by Turbulent, from Montreal, Canada. All studios have portions of the monthly report dedicated to their activities, and what features they are working on.

The development teams are currently working on a huge number of features, from a first person shooter aspect of the game, to a social module in preparation for their persistent MMO universe that they have said they want to work on releasing later this year, or early next year. The First Person Shooter portion of the game is slated to release in summer of this year, built by IllFonic. The FPS module is the first step into the larger 'Social' module which will essentially be a pre-beta test for their aforementioned persistent universe.

The game currently features access to a hangar where players can see and walk around their starships, and a dog-fighting module, where players can duke it out to the death against other players, or AI-controlled fighters. Chris Roberts has said that the next phase of the dogfighting module will enable use of larger, multi-player crewed ships. Some of that work is also detailed in the report.

Star Citizen is currently the single biggest crowd funded game in history, currently standing at seventy-two million, two hundred thousand dollars at the time of publishing.

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