Square Enix Financials Reveals That They're Thinking About NFTs

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Square Enix Financials Reveals That They're Thinking About NFTs

May 13, 2021

By: Patrick Perrault


Square Enix has done pretty well for themselves over the past year, and their latest financial results have revealed that they've been looking at NFT's. The note is brief but interesting, as it states that they are trying to "quickly adapt to environmental changes in the content business and proactively adopt the burgeoning technologies that result from them." In short, Square Enix has noted NFTs making big money and want a piece of the pie, so expect your buster sword NFT soon.

Their overall strategy is outlined pretty nicely close to the end of the presentation, with SE saying that they want to use and leverage their IP in "multifaceted ways". They also want to create new IPs and target multiple major title launches per fiscal year. For their MMOs, they are intent on creating expansion packs to existing titles to "spark growth in sales/subscriber numbers", so it looks like an new MMO isn't in the cards for quite some time. As for "games for smart devices/PC Browser", SE wants to maintain their current titles while only creating the "best new titles" from interested players. Good luck with that, I guess.

As for how much bling they've made, it's pretty substantial, with 263.9 billion yen having been made by SE over FY2021/3. The operating income was 50.5 billion yen, so that's a decent amount of dosh. The sales are also split up, which is handy. 96.6 billion yen was from HD games, 127.4 from their MMO games, and 39.8 billion yen was from their phone games. Check out the chart below:

Square Enix Financials


Overall, SE plans on improving their profitability to better survive the COVID world they've found themselves in. They also want to step up overseas publication and "cultivating new domains" to maintain and accelerate their momentum, and to increase sales through SE-owned channels, especially through their e-Store. Basic stuff, but still pretty interesting for those who want to know how exactly these massive corporations work.

If you'd like to read the financials yourself, go here. For anything else Square Enix, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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