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Spotify Finally Heading To Xbox One

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on Friday, August 4, 2017 - 12:38

After years of exclusivity to the PlayStation ecosystem, it seems that Spotify is likely well on its way to being available for the Xbox One as reported by Eurogamer.

A post by /u/Geralt_De_Rivia on the /r/xboxone subreddit highlighted an image from Major Nelson's newsfeed showing him making use of the app "Spotify Music - for Xbox". Shortly thereafter, an Imgur post by Imgurian GhostlyCrowd showed an image from the MS Partner Training Portal that appears to be an announcement that Spotify was coming to Windows 10 and the Xbox One. MS Partner training is a service that's used to familiarize employees in various situations with Microsoft's products and it stands to reason that they would push out advance notice of upcoming features so sales representatives and other "on the ground" roles would be educated on the subject in time for launch day.


Spotify has indeed landed on Windows 10 on June 20, 2017. Sources who are knowledgeable about Microsoft and Spotify stated to The Verge that the Xbox One version of the app is currently being internally tested alongside a number of other upgrades to the dashboard in preparation for the launch of the Xbox One X.

The music-streaming service was originally exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles according to a 2015 article from Eurogamer. That exclusivity was qualified as being "for the time being" with no specific time frames announced for when a Spotify app might end up on another console. It seems that that time has come to an end, and with the Nintendo Switch having recently received its first third-party app it may not be long before the music-streaming service lands on there as well.

What do you think of Xbox One Spotify coming? Was the lack of Spotify's availability an influence on your decision to purchase either a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? What other platforms would you like to see the music streaming service on? Let us know in the comments below!

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