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dark souls iii

You Can Now Listen to the Dark Souls Series’ Soundtracks on Spotify

If you’re like me, you like to relax, study or write with video game music in the background. Fans of the Souls series, or just video game music in general, will…

new capcom on spotify featured image

Listen to Over 50 Albums of Capcom Music Now Available on Spotify

Check out Spotify for a large influx of newly available music as a bunch of Capcom music, specifically soundtracks, has been added. They can all be incorporated into your Spotify…

Spotify Xbox One

Spotify On Xbox One Now Live

Following a number of related leaks suggesting that a Spotify app was in development for the Xbox One, the music-streaming service has officially made its debut: Spotify On Xbox One…

Spotify Green Black

Spotify Finally Heading To Xbox One

After years of exclusivity to the PlayStation ecosystem, it seems that Spotify is likely well on its way to being available for the Xbox One as reported by Eurogamer. A…


Spotify Free Ads Briefly Contained Malware

Malicious software is a genuine threat people have to deal with when they go online. While most virus scanners usually offer more than enough protection from the more nefarious viruses,…

spotify narrative taylor swift piracy

The Spotify Narrative and Taylor Swift

Since Spotify was established in October of 2008, it has become somewhat of a herald of innovative technology for consumers. On the other hand, some people have come to consider…

Valve Music Movies and TV Will Be Launched on SteamOS 417396 2

Steam may offer movies, music, and more

The digital games giant Steam may be looking at added functionality for its upcoming living room devices.

T Mobile Music Freedom

T-Mobile is now the best carrier for streaming

Just got this in the email. This is incredibly epic. “No matter how you see yourself—metal master or hip-hop hero, connoisseur of classical or princess of pop—T-Mobile’s network is designed…

rsz primemusic

Amazon Prime Music announced, now live!

Amazon Prime is a premium service by Amazon which started as a subscription service to allow Next Day (two day in the US) shipping on any products from Amazon without…