Sony E3 2015 - Hitman


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Sony E3 2015 - Hitman

June 15, 2015

By: Matt M

More Info About This Game
IO Interactive
Square Enix
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date
March 11, 2016 (Calendar)
Stealth, Strategy
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Square Enix showed a trailer for the next generation entry in the Hitman series simply entitled Hitman. A variety of  locales were depicted in the trailer, including frigid snow and the flashy urban jungles. While the exact place in the Hitman timeline wasn't explicitly stated, Agent 47 remark about "being back" heavily suggests the title is a sequel. Square Enix will release the game on console and PC. Playstation 4 owners who preorder will have exclusive access to the beta in addition to four exclusive missions that will come out over the months after release. The game will release on December 8th, 2015.



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