Sony Announces Seven More Games as Part of China Hero Project

Published: March 10, 2019 6:04 PM /


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Last year Sony announced that they were working with five Chinese indie devs on the creation and localization of their games as part of the China Hero Project. Now that it's a new year, Sony has announced another seven games they'll be giving assistance to. They run the gamut from action RPGs to horror, to online shooters. Whatever your taste, there's likely something for you here.

The first game announced is AI-LIMIT, developed by Palm Pioneer (who is also currently working on adventure game Tales of the Neon Sea) and Team AI.  The game features a woman named Arrisa, who reminds me quite a bit of Nier Automata's 2B, running around a future environment. Along the way, she encounters various robots that she combats with a sword. She also has a flying assistant that doubles as a flashlight. While I hesitate to say it's a rip-off, the design on AI-LIMIT's robots is rather unique, it sure does give me Nier vibes. Maybe that'll work in the game's favor. In addition to what's seen here, the game will feature various weapons that each have unique fighting styles. Arrisa will be fully customizable, and the game features multiple endings depending on the choices you make.


Next up is Convallaria, developed by Loong Force. The trailer features characters running around in both a sci-fi city, and a twisted fantasy world with many out of place objects. Robots wander around and appear to be possessed by a glowing light in the sky. Also, the main character is desperately trying to reach a woman he can't seem to. When we get to see the gameplay it bears the closest resemblance to Anthem, with fast-paced third person, RPG elements, and teaming up with other players. The game claims it will have both PVE and PVP elements.


Following that is RAN: Lost Islands, developed by Jolly Roger Games. RAN: Lost Islands is a competitive multiplayer game that takes place in the 17th century. You'll be entering an island with muskets, swords, and the occasional black powder bomb. Your goal appears to be to defeat the other team while looting as much of the island as possible. While the trailer does show some combat at sea, it appears most of the game will focus on the islands itself. You can also ride horses if that's important to you.

The fourth game is ANNO: Mutationem, developed by Thinking Stars. Unlike the other games, ANNO is a 2D pixel art game. It also makes use of the SCP Foundation IP, something that's rather unique. Taking place in a futuristic China, the game focuses on a woman who can use a laser sword with deadly skill. The trailer features her dodging mech fire and going toe to toe with horribly mutated creatures. Has SCP turned to using mechs in an effort to combat eldritch horrors that can destroy all mankind? It's possible, and I'd love to see what the result of that is. I expect it to end poorly.


The fifth game is In Nightmare, developed by Magic Fish Studio. An isometric horror adventure game, you play as a young boy wrapped up in bandages and on the run from all sorts of terrifying creatures. The game's environments and monster design are twisted, featuring multi-eye golems and a strange clock monster. As the trailer progresses the environment deteriorates, revealing a badly damaged family photo of the boy before all the bandages. According to the developer, the game is a dark fairy tale about growing pain and self-salvation, and that it's also made to help make people interested in philosophy.


Next up is F.I.S.T., by TiGames, who also developed Ancient Amuletor VR. This game is a 2.5d metroidvania in a dieselpunk world. You play as an anthropomorphic rabbit with a backpack that contains one big ol' robot arm. Using this you'll brawl your way through armies of vaguely fox looking robots. You also use it to help you platform, providing you with double jumps and dashes. As you advance you find new arms that open up new combat and exploration options, such as a drill. The developers say that there will be a large world to explore, full of NPCs to talk to and secrets to discover. If nothing else, the rabbit is pretty amazing.

Finally, we got Evotinction, developed by Spikewave Games. While not much was shown of the gameplay, we did get an idea of the setting. It appears something has gone horribly wrong on a futuristic space station. A man is running away from a floating orb that appears to be hunting him. Despite his efforts, he's caught and killed, before we see someone else was watching it as recorded footage and vows to save anyone left alive on the station. Evotinction describes itself as a third person hack and stealth game, but little is known about it outside of that.


In addition to all these games, some updates were given about last year's round of games. While there's no real news on either Lost Souls Aside or Pervader, both games were confirmed to still be in development. Kill X was renamed Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher and four minutes of gameplay was shown from it. That game will be launching in Europe on March 20th exclusively for PlayStation VR. A new trailer was also shown off for Hardcore Mecha. Finally, while it wasn't shown, Project Boundary will soon be entering closed beta.

How do you feel about these seven new games? Going to pick any of them up? Let us know in the comments below!

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