Sonic Superstars Lego Sonic DLC Announced During Sonic Central

Published: June 23, 2023 11:45 AM /


A Lego Sonic figure looking smug and walking out of a portal in the Sonic Superstars Lego Sonic DLC

Today's Sonic Central event, aired to mark the Sonic franchise's 32nd birthday, contained some rather cool news regarding Sonic Superstars. It looks like the game is getting some crossover DLC with Lego Sonic, including an exclusive Lego Eggman skin if you pre-order Sonic Superstars.

The Sonic Central presentation contained a fair bit of information about upcoming Sonic Lego products, including a skit about the unpopular brick-built Eggman figure. Towards the end of the presentation, however, Sonic Superstars, which was announced during this year's Summer Game Fest showcase, got a brief crossover spotlight of its own.

We got to see Sonic sprinting through a portal, at which point he transforms into the Lego figurine version of himself. He then faces off against a Lego version of Eggman, bringing the mad scientist down just as you'd expect Sonic to do. Sega then reveals that Sonic Superstars is getting an exclusive Lego Eggman skin, which you'll get if you pre-order the game. 

Although the only piece of Lego-related DLC we've seen so far is the exclusive Eggman skin, the trailer does show off a Lego version of Sonic as well, so we're assuming that he'll be in the game too. It's not a great look if Lego Sonic is featured prominently in the trailer but doesn't appear in Sonic Superstars itself, after all. You'll also get an exclusive Amy Rose outfit if you sign up for the Sonic Superstars newsletter.

We didn't get a release date for Sonic Superstars during the Sonic Central presentation, unfortunately, but the game is due out for PC and consoles sometime this fall, so watch this space for more info.


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