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Published: June 16, 2020 12:30 PM /


area man lives

During the Upload VR Showcase, a trailer for Area Man Lives was shown off. It's an adventure game about solving a mystery about what's going on in an odd town on the Oregon coast.

You take on the role of a new DJ at a radio station, when a radio drama starts to from right around you. Weird stuff starts happening, weird calls start coming and, and you have to keep the radio station running while you try to figure out what is going on. 

There are callers to talk to, characters to meet, and you'll even be recording your own commercials for the radio station. All of these things will have impact on the callers that you'll be speaking to. Whether that's what you told them, how you run the station, or a host of other things, you'll talk to the characters whose lives are impacted by your choices.

One of the cooler features of Area Man Lives is the fact that it will use your real voice. When talking to callers and making those commercials, the game will take in your voice and output the text. There's no confirmation on whether it will record it for things like commercials, but one imagines that's definitely something they thought of.

The thread throughout the game is the titular area man. An area man calls in and asks for your help as the DJ of that radio station. He says that he's been having premonitions that include your character, and he feels that you're the only one what can help him. Whether or not you can trust him and just exactly what is happening to him will be a big driving force in the game. Mostly, will you be able to save him yourself?

Area Man Lives releases August 13th on SteamVR and Oculus. It is being developed by Numinous Games, the team that created That Dragon, Cancer.

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