Skullgirls Developers Apologize to Linux Gaming Community, Showcases Port Progress

Published: January 5, 2015 8:40 PM /



Hey! Do you remember that Skullgirls Encore Indiegogo campaign from a while back? Lab Zero - Skullgirl's dev team - put it up back in early 2013 in a hopes to secure funding for a PC port of the game, as well as for some DLC characters. Most backers were (understandably) pleased with how the whole thing panned out, but for a while there has been a little blight on that shining success; you see, the campaign promised a Linux port for the title as well, but Lab Zero never really delivered. Right under the different backer tiers you can find the original promise, clear as day - and with all its promise-y goodness.

It was eventually clarified last year that the port was always meant to be a volunteer effort, and that the port had transferred hands a few times - but up until now, there hasn't been anything to truly show that the Linux version has been worked on. Thankfully, today that has changed.

In a blog post detailing the current situation surrounding the Linux version of Skullgirls Encore, Lab Zero confirmed the status of the port, and showed off some new screenshots of the title as running on the platform; they didn't give any timeframes for release - as it is still a volunteer project - but some details about how the port currently stands should give an idea regarding just how far the port has come.

If (for whatever reason) the link above doesn't work for you; here is the relevant information regarding the port itself:

Here’s a list of some general updates!
  • The game runs on Ubuntu 14.04. “Runs” is a far cry from being finished (or fully playable), but it’s a significant milestone!
  • Sound shows signs of progress
  • Graphics are working for menus and some animations (credits, story scenes, character selection [without characters])
  • Still working on graphics stuff for character animations
  • Input for SDL-detected joysticks works with both gamepads (tested an Xbox360 wired gamepad) and FightSticks (tested a Madcatz Tekken Hybrid TE)
  • Keyboards still aren’t working but show up as detected.
Other specifics, such as the current size of the ports' team can be found at this /r/linux_gaming thread, where the team has resided to answering questions; but enough about that!

What are your thoughts regarding Skullgirls' Linux port (if any)?

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