Skull and Bones Video Gives Extensive Look at Narrative Gameplay & More

Published: January 13, 2023 1:48 PM /


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Today Ubisoft released a large chunk of gameplay of its upcoming pirate-themed game-as-a-service Skull and Bones. 

We hear from narrative director Joel Janisse as we start by taking a look at the way we can enjoy story-driven gameplay in Skull and Bones' living world. We start at an outpost on the coast of Africa, which predictably serves as a hub for our adventures and a place to socialize with other players. 

We also hear about the local factions with which we'll have to interact. We can discover and explore the lore behind these factions while playing the game. As the mission progresses, we attempt to plunder an enemy outposts to discover more about the route ahead. 

As the players go from clue to clue to continue the story, the video also showcases the iconic shanties including classic pirate shanties, language specific shanties that have not been translated and have been left in the original language to add flavor, and more that are specific to the lore of Skull and Bones' world. These talk about the named characters in the game and more. 

Another element that we see is the cameras that let you take a good look at your lovingly customized ship, on top of NPCs and vendors that will sell us all sorts of goods and upgrades, all the way to the ability to bribe the factions.

You can watch the gameplay below. 

Skull and Bones is coming to PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 and doesn't have a firm release date following a recent delay. It should be announced soon enough as it'll launch early next fiscal year (which starts on April 1). 

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