Skate-boating Title Wave Break Announced For Google Stadia

Published: April 28, 2020 12:00 PM /



Funktronic Labs has announced its upcoming Skate-boating game, Wave Break for Google Stadia as a timed exclusive during today's Stadia Connect. The game which, was showcased back at DreamHack Dallas 2019 is set to launch this Summer for $29.99 on Google's Service.

Wave Break is set in a crime-filled, Miami Vice inspired 1980's world with crazy and outlandish characters and environments. On top of that, a synthwave soundtrack sets a nice backdrop for players to perform combos both in the single-player campaign and with friends online and locally.


Bolstering the ridiculous tone of the game is the water combat, with the ability to shoot opponents with an arsenal of weapons attached to your vehicle. You can even go into "bullet time" for some more precision. In addition to the co-op modes, Wave Break features competitive multiplayer in the form of territory control and deathmatch modes, as well as competing for the highest score in a Trick Attack match.

As with any arcade game, customization is a key aspect of showing your style. Wave Break features a shop called the Beach Boutique, where you can buy clothes for your character. Additionally, you can buy different boats, accessories, skins, and bonuses to increase your character's stats.

A new trailer for the game made its debut during the Stadia Connect event held today:


Funktronic Labs announced this title all the way back in December 2018, making a reappearance during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase that took place at E3 2019. The game was originally set to come to Steam and the game's store page has been up for a while. But, it looks like that release will be delayed for a while now, given Wave Break's timed exclusivity on Stadia.

What are your thoughts on Wave Break? Have you been looking forward to it since its announcement back in 2018? Let us know below.


Wave Break launches first on Google Stadia this Summer.

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