Wave Break Hits Stadia's Shores Next Week

Published: June 18, 2020 1:00 PM /


Wave Break Release Date

Funktronic Labs announced today that its upcoming "skateboating" title, Wave Break, will launch on June 23. As previously announced, the game will release first on Google Stadia before hitting other platforms. Wave Break also has a Steam page, and the developers plan for a console release some time down the line.

Wave Break takes the '80s aesthetic of Miami Vice and applies it to a world full of anthropomorphic animals. The gameplay is influenced from old-school Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games, but instead of a skateboard, you're on a boat. Players can pull off classic skateboard tricks, like kickflips and noseslides, and chain them together to pull off high-scoring combos. Unlike recent skateboarding simulators like Session or Skater XLWave Break is taking a more arcade-like approach. If that wasn't enough for you, you can also take potshots at nearby enemies, because who wouldn't expect some guns in this crime-filled world?


For those looking for multiplayer action, Funktronic aims to deliver with multiplayer game modes. Time Attack gives players a chance to flex their skills to see who can score the most points, while Deathmatch puts the focus on the guns. Some time after launch, the developers also plan on adding a Turf War mode, which will have players fight for control over parts of the map.

Wave Break also features character customization, so players can dress up their characters in vintage fashion trends or trick out their boats with cool designs. Players can also upgrade their stats, similar to the Pro Skater games. Finally, to drive the '80s aesthetic home, expect to hear an original synthwave soundtrack from major artists in the scene. As a teaser, the developers revealed one of the tracks today: "Shiver" by W O L F C L U B.

Interested players can shred some waves and pick up Wave Break for $30 on Google Stadia on June 23.



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