Shinorubi is Coming to Steam's Early Access January 20

Published: January 5, 2022 9:59 AM /



Last Boss 88 Studio has announced that their colorful arcade bullet hell shoot'em up, Shinorubi, will be launching on Steam's Early Access program on January 20. Players will take their place in a cockpit and become a legend on Shinorubi, the home planet of the "R-R" material and under the rule of the despotic BAÄA family. It's anyone's guess if they hate Christmas or if they're sheep in disguise, but I guess you'll find out during the course of the game.

Terrible jokes aside, if you're looking for something vaguely similar in the leadup to Shinorubi's release on January 20th, there's The Textorcist, a typing bullet hell title, a bullet hell with drunken robots, and Chicory, which combines puzzle games and SHUMPs. There's a lot more, but that should get you started at least.

As for Shinorubi, as seen in the frantic gameplay trailer posted above, you'll be dodging enemy fire while also destroying ground and air defenses. From the beginning, you'll start at full power, and you'll use that strength to defeat powerful bosses (generals) in the tyrannical BAÄA (humbug!) army as you struggle to free the planet.

You'll be able to play the game via a keyboard, joystick, and a customizable arcade controller. The game will offer up to 4k resolution (60 to 120 FPS) along with multiple modes and a fever bar that can be used to cancel all the shots on screen if things get a little too hairy. 

There are 5 difficulty levels, 2 game modes, and 6 arrange modes, with 19 modes in total to be made available by the end of Early Access. Here's the arrange modes that will be available on January 20:

  • Shield: Use a shield to protect against enemy fire.
  • Cancel: Destroy marked spaceships to clear all shots on the screen.
  • Laser/Shot: Alternate between laser and classic shots to destroy your enemies.
  • Journey: Get ready for a long journey with several game loops.
  • Pink Pig: Don't miss any pig, that's the rule!
  • Super Rank: Choose your level of difficulty in real-time.

There's also a Boss Fights mode and a Classic Mode that will have you passing the 1CC challenge (Credit Clear). For more information on all things Shinorubi, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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