Shelter Manager Lets You Run A Post-Apocalyptic City

Published: September 8, 2021 10:00 AM /


The main management screen in Shelter Manager

Building a city in our normal, modern world is all well and good, but what about when the dust settles after a major disaster? That's exactly what post-apocalyptic city management sim Shelter Manager will let you do. It's coming to Steam Early Access soon.

What do we know about Shelter Manager?

Shelter Manager comes to us from Ukrainian developer Hamsters. It'll task you with building and managing a city after a disaster, and neatly, you'll be able to choose from one of three potential apocalyptic events: a nuclear war, a deadly plague, or a planet-destroying meteor. Each event provides different challenges for you to overcome, and you'll also be able to pick where in the world you start and what resources you want to set out with. It's adopting the same aesthetic as underground bunker-style base-building sims like Fallout Shelter or Vampire Clans, a style that seems to be growing in popularity.


Choosing which bunker to attack in Shelter Manager
Shelter Manager won't just let you manage your own bunker; you'll also be able to attack others in your area.

In gameplay terms, Shelter Manager seems to share more than a little of its DNA with games like Mr. Prepper, as well as the aforementioned Fallout Shelter (although no word yet on whether this one's getting ported to Teslas). You'll have to manage your citizens' lives down to the smallest detail; what food they're eating, what job they're doing, and even how much sleep they're getting are all within your remit. Over time, your city will start to deteriorate, so you'll need to reinforce and strengthen your bunker in order to fend off potential attacks. All the while, you'll be guiding your civilization and turning it into whatever kind of model you want others to live by. Will you run a scientific paradise, or will your city be a militaristic safe zone devoid of joy but with excellent defenses?

When is the Shelter Manager release date?

We don't have a release date for Shelter Manager just yet, unfortunately. Hamsters says the game will be hitting Steam Early Access "soon", but the studio hasn't given any indication as to when that might be. When it does launch, you'll initially have access to the USA map, with the other two maps coming in the full release. Hamsters estimates that Shelter Manager will be in Early Access for around six months, and that as a player, you'll be able to vote on which features should make it into the game at each update stage.

A resource management screen in Shelter Manager
When Shelter Manager launches in Early Access, it'll give you the chance to micromanage every aspect of your post-apocalyptic city.

While we're waiting for more info on this one, be sure to give it a wishlist on Steam if it looks like your kind of thing. If this kind of post-apocalyptic city builder has you stressed just thinking about it, then maybe you can hope Hamsters will add a creative mode just like in Mr. Prepper so that you can build in peace. If not, well, you'd better hope the other bunkers are nice enough to leave you alone.

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