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Shadow of the Eternals concept screenshot

In 2002, Silicon Knights released Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on the Nintendo GameCube. Eternal Darkness quickly became somewhat of a cult classic, achieving critical acclaim for the fresh approach to psychological horror by use of the "sanity meter" and the ever evolving story presented in-game. In 2013, a spiritual successor titled Shadow of the Eternals was announced, but underwent funding issues after failed Kickstarter and crowd-funding attempts as well as the decline of Silicon Knights, the creator of the original title. It has been announced however that Shadow of the Eternals is back in development after an announcement by Denis Dyacks (the director and producer of both Eternal Darkness and Shadow of the Eternals from the very beginning) that the game is back in development as part of a brand new business venture. 

Dyack, along with media executives Jonathan M. Soon-Shiong and Paul Rapovski, announced the launch of Quantum Entanglement Entertainment: a television, gaming, and film production company that has taken up Shadow of the Eternals as one of its debut projects. There isn't much information on the game as of yet, beyond a handful of screenshots and videos that were released last year during the kickstarter process; but Quantum Entanglement Entertainment plans to open the development of the game to the gaming community, with something called "The Singularity." Quantum Entanglement Entertainment had this to say about "The Singularity" and the development of Shadow of the Eternals -

Shadow of the Eternals Erzebet Bathory screenshot

"QE2 will also be integrating ‘The Singularity’ concept to its website—an open forum where avid fans of any form of entertainment can subscribe to help create and iterate Television, Games and Films with the executives and creatives behind the projects. With the rise of social media’s impact on all entertainment mediums, fans can take things one step further and help shape the future of the content by contributing to a script, playing an extra on set, or assisting with the design of a game through QE2’s exclusive virtual hub."

As for the fate of Precursor Games (Shadow of the Eternals' former developer) it is currently unclear. With Silicon Knights having gone under earlier this year the fate of this affiliated company, made up of former Silicon Knights veterans is as of yet unknown. Regardless, Shadow of the Eternals is definitely a title to watch, especially if you enjoyed the previous title. Also check out this trailer for Shadow of the Eternals to see just what fans of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem have to look forward to.

Quantum Entanglement Entertainment should be careful however, as fan expectations are likely to be high since it has been 12 years since Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem released for the Gamecube. This trailer definitely inspires a bit of confidence though, so hopefully Quantum Entanglement Entertainment will have more information for us in the coming weeks and months to bring some hype to Shadow of the Eternals.

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