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Seven Dragon Saga

Strategic Simulations, Inc. may be mostly unknown to those under the age of 25, but for those who grew up playing RPGs in the late 80's and early 90's, SSI's "Gold Box Engine" titles were very influential in a fledging gaming industry.

And now over two decades later, the original developers from SSI have reformed as TSI Games and have launched a Kickstarter, looking to recapture past glories and to hopefully help shape the future of RPGs all over again.

The Kickstarter for Seven Dragon Saga looks to offer an idea that has been claimed by many but only achieved by a select few: full customization of your party members and the way you play a turn-based RPG. To help demonstrate this, early examples of the combat in Seven Dragon Saga is shown from around the middle to the end of the video linked below. While it is only a prototype at the moment, it already looks somewhat similar to the acclaimed combat seen in Divinity: Original Sin. Feel free to check out the Kickstarter video below to find out more.

At a glance, the game offers players (with their party of six) the choice on dealing with foes of their emperor however they see fit. As the 'Chaos Touched,' you are tasked by your emperor (of an empire similar to 17th century Japan) "... with removing the greatest threats to the empire from even the farthest flung corners of the known world. How they choose to remove these threats is up to you!"

For more information check out the Kickstarter here, or for a brief summary of what the game entails check out the description below:

Seven Dragon Saga allows the player to create and customize a full party of adventurers and maneuver them in detailed, turn-based tactical combat. You won’t find any rat-hunting farmers here- characters begin with a suite of talents. Rather, the characters are ‘Touched by the winds of chaos’, and destined for great successes or spectacular demises. Explore a rich world, uncover lost treasures, deal with challenging social and political situations.

The player’s choices alter the world in meaningful ways, both physically and socially. Sent by the Empire of the Seven Dragons to the minor Kingdom of Afelon, the party must uncover who is driving the land to civil war and whether that conspiracy might pose a threat to the Empire at large. What mysteries lie in the surrounding, monster-infested peaks? Who is worthy of trust and who only of death?

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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