Serve up a Hefty Helping of Thanksgiving Delights with Automachef

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Serve up a Hefty Helping of Thanksgiving Delights with Automachef

November 28, 2019

By: Robert Grosso


While most in the United States are busy carving up some Turkeys and scarfing of Pumpkin Pie, indie developer Hermes Interactive was busy cooking up a nice bit of DLC for their puzzle game Automachef

Announced today, this free Thanksgiving update is a new pack that adds on three new levels, several Thanksgiving-related recipes and ingredients from roasted turkeys to cornbread to pumpkin pies, and a new machine to help cook your holiday spread - an electric oven with adjustable settings.

Automachef is an indie puzzle game where players must design and build their own automated restaurants. Players must program their machines in a conveyer belt manner to mix ingredients for the perfect blends of meals to serve to customers, but need to be wary of the resource management, spatial awareness and more to do so. Automachef doesn't just feature puzzles challenges either, a whole campaign mode is available to play as well, along with a sandbox mode for players to experiment with their own mechanical creations.

Automachef was developed by Hermes Interactive, a Danish developer known for the indie hit Winds of Trade, released in 2017. With the help of publisher Team17, Automachef has been given a wide release across several platforms, including PC via Steam and GOG, and the Nintendo Switch, earlier this summer to a positive reception. This is the first major update by Hermes Interactive to add a significant amount of content into the experience.


The game is available now across all three platforms for $14.99, with the Steam version discounted to $10.04 for a limited time only. The Steam version also supports Steam Workshop creations, which add custom recipes and ingredients by community members. 

What are your thoughts on Automachef's Thanksgiving update? Looking forward to some freshly baked turkey? Leave your comments below. 

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