The Samurai Maiden Release Date Will Let You Rewrite History

Published: November 16, 2022 10:43 AM /


Samurai Maiden release date screenshot showing all the schoolgirls you'll lead into battle against the undead.

Are you ready to lead schoolgirls into battle and rewrite history? No? Well, you're going to be doing it anyway on December 8th, which is the Samurai Maiden release date. The game will be released on PlayStation platforms as well as the Nintendo Switch and Steam for $59.99, with the Deluxe Edition coming in at $74.99. For the curious, the Deluxe Edition will include costumes for all playable characters, weapons, and more background music than you can shake a samurai sword at.

Originally announced back in August, the hack and slasher is about a schoolgirl, Tsumugi Tamaori, teaming up with newly met friends in order to defeat the undead that have been found underneath the Honnoji Temple. Given that she has just discovered her amazing sword skills, it's a given that you'll be using a blade gifted to you by Nobunaga to hack and slash your way through hordes of skellies that you definitely won't give the time of day. I mean, wouldn't you? 

Samurai Maiden release date screenshot shows the two undead that need to be destroyed by the Samurai Maiden.
Yep, those are definitely undead.

As for what the gameplay's like in Samurai Maiden, you'll be using combination attacks and counters to defeat the foes and bosses you'll be facing. During combat, there will be special abilities that use the "Gokage System", which will allow you to use two types of offense to tear through your enemies. 

However, you won't be doing so alone, as there are three friendly ninjas in the Honnoji temple that you'll be spending time and building relationships with. This will involve "quarreling, laughing, and fighting", although the jury is out at this point if there will be slow-motion pillow fights. To use the Devoted Heart technique in battle you'll have to lock lips, which will most likely confuse the undead and everyone else in the middle of a battle.

Want to see this wacky concept in action? Check out the Samurai Maiden opening trailer below!

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