Salt And Sanctuary Slashes Its Way To Nintendo Switch August 2nd

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Salt and Sanctuary

2D hack-and-slash platformer Salt and Sanctuary is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 2nd.

The game, which is currently available on PS4, PC and PS Vita, will be released for Nintendo's hybrid console in digital form, as well as a physical collector's edition entitled Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition. The latter will launch sometime "this holiday", according to developer Ska Studios. More details on Drowned Tome Edition will be available as and when we get them.

The porting process is being handled by Spanish dev BlitWorks, which has previously worked on ports for Bastion, Spelunky and Don't Starve, as well as Sega classics Jet Set Radio and Sonic CD.

To commemorate the Switch release date announcement, Ska Studios uploaded a new announcement trailer to its official YouTube account. The Switch version of Salt and Sanctuary won't have any exclusive features or modes, so if you've already played the game, you likely won't see anything new in this trailer. Still, it's always nice to get another look at that distinctive art style. You can check out the trailer here:

Salt and Sanctuary follows a player-created protagonist, sailing across the ocean to call a truce between warring kingdoms. The player is shipwrecked on a dangerous island by a sinister abomination and must survive the island's many tricks, traps, and hostile inhabitants.

In gameplay terms, the game takes influence most obviously from Dark Souls, with punishing combat, variable character classes, checkpoint-based exploration, and regular boss encounters which must be learned thoroughly before victory can be achieved. Salt and Sanctuary also has Metroidvania elements; players can upgrade their abilities in order to unlock more of the world, while the game's 2D perspective is reminiscent of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

Ska Studios is looking forward to people playing Salt and Sanctuary on the Switch. Michelle and James Silva, the co-creators of the game, say that bringing it to the Switch "means more people who like dismal, satisfying games can play our very dismal, satisfying game". TechRaptor's very own Georgina Young very much liked their dismal, satisfying game. You can check out her review here.

Interested parties can pick up Salt and Sanctuary on the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 2nd. The game will cost $17.99 at launch.

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