Roguelike Zelda-like Sparklite Lights Up The World This Fall

Published: March 19, 2019 10:00 AM /


sparklite header

Merge Games and Red Blue Games are announcing plans to release Sparklite in Fall of this year. A randomized top-down brawler, Sparklite claims to take one little spark of inspiration from Link to the Past and Rogue Legacy. This is clear in the teaser trailer below, which showcases several scenes of combat and exploration. For some, this gameplay sample may take a backseat to the high-quality pixel art on display.

In Sparklite, you play as Ada fighting against the forces of the "Baron". The titular Sparklite is a source of planetary energy that powers everything.  You can conserve it and keep the world going or consume it recklessly at great cost. We'll give you three guesses what the Baron chooses to do, and there are only two choices. Ada needs to stop the mining operations with her array of tech and firearms in order to preserve the Sparklite for future generations.

Originally revealed late last year, Sparklite is garnering attention thanks to a spotlight appearance with Microsoft during this year's GDC. Merge Games plans on publishing the title on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2019. You can sign up for development updates on the game's official website or possibly talk with the devs on the Merge Games Discord channel.

Quick Take

Outside of the developer's claimed inspirations, one can't help but notice a stark similarity to Digital Sun's Moonlighter. As the reviewer who very much enjoyed playing through that game last year, I'm excited to see something else coming out in a similar vein. Even without that comparison, any game with pixels that look this good makes me look twice. Here's hoping that the limited peaks at gameplay we've seen so far can live up to their potential. Since Sparklite is playable on the PAX East show floor, we might know by the end of the month.