Red Dead Online Is Officially Out Of Beta With A Massive Content Update

Published: May 15, 2019 8:57 AM /


Red Dead Online Is Officially Out Of Beta With A Massive Content Update

Yesterday Daniel Ahmad, who covers the digital games market in Asia and frequently tweets news about major gaming companies from their investor conference calls, announced during Take-Two's latest earnings call that Red Dead Online was set to go out of beta this quarter.

It looks like "this quarter" can also mean "this week," because Red Dead Online is now officially out of beta, and a massive update is available for all players, with a slew of new content and much more to come on the sunset you'll ride into. The full list of content and updates can be seen in a long, detailed announcement post on Rockstar Games' official website. The post, titled "Red Dead Online: World Updates, New Missions, Poker, And The Road Ahead," is a summary of all the new content and changes that players can expect right now, and also a brief roadmap of what they can expect in future updates. It's possible that Rockstar learned some lessons from the experience with Grand Theft Auto Online and intends to turn over a new leaf in terms of customer relations.

The update also addresses several issues that occurred in the beta, both in terms of technical shortcomings and the number of griefers, who turned the experience into a truly bloody and feral Wild West, with plenty of kidnapping other players and dragging them around on lassos, which, to be fair, does seem kind of cool, unless you're the one being dragged. In any case, the update will add hundreds of hours to the overall experience, with co-op and free roam missions, "Posse Versus Challenges," dynamic events, poker, an overrun showdown mode, cool revolvers, a new hostility system, and plenty of balances and improvements. It's the kind of update you'd expect from Rockstar Games, which only the most hardcore crunch culture can offer.

So if you've been waiting for Red Dead Online to come out of beta, here it is. Mount your horse, don your hat, and put on your best Man with No Name face to head into the Wildest West. Also, if you're a PlayStation 4 player, you can try Red Dead Online for free from today until May 27, even without PlayStation Plus.

Have you tried out Red Dead Online yet? What do you think of the amount of content? Let us know in the comments below!

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