Real Time Strategy Game Bannermen Releasing This February

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Bannermen, an upcoming Real-Time Strategy (RTS) title, has announced its release date for February 21, 2019, and released a new trailer. It has been linked below:

Bannermen is an RTS that combines elements such as base-building and resource management, along with "unique environmental magic." Players will be able to use spells to summon things such as lightning strikes, tornadoes, volcano "outbursts", and other spells that will help turn the tide of battle.

“2tainment is always looking for great games and great developers, and we’ve found both with Bannermen and Pathos Interactive,” said Alexander Wagner, Product Manager, at 2tainment GmbH. “We think fans of RTS games will appreciate Pathos’ fresh approach to the genre and are excited for the upcoming release of the game.”
There are four game modes in Bannermen. There is a singleplayer campaign, where players will become a fallen role hoping to save his realm, AI Skirmish, where players fight AI, Ranked and Unranked Matches, where players can battle each other online in an online ladder (1V1 or 2v2) or just play with some friends, and Custom Games, where up to 8 players can decide how they want to play via their own team composition and choice of map.

Bannermen takes place in Valtoria, a low-fantasy world that has seen decades of war. As Lord Berrian, you are trying to recover your kingdom from the grip of the dark Lord Karthor. To do so, players will travel across Valtoria to obtain supplies and convert soldiers to their cause. Players will be able to use the environment to their advantage, such as using sandstorms to hide their advance or using traps such as an explosive barrel to eliminate their enemies.

Bannermen will release on February 21, 2019, on Steam.

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