Rare Reveals Full Details For Sea of Thieves' "Forsaken Shores" Free DLC

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It's time to set sails on another pirate adventure with Sea of Thieves' "Forsaken Shores" update, which is filled to the brim with brand-new content. Rare released the full details on this free DLC, which launches September 27, 2018, roughly a week later than Rare's initial plans.

The biggest addition in this update is an entirely new region to the game: The Devil's Roar. Sea of Thieves' base game came with three regions, each with a different theme. Rare has ditched the usual Caribbean-esque islands for something a bit more toasty:

The Devil’s Roar is blighted by furious volcanoes and unpredictable earthquakes. Stay alert for lava, eruptions and gushing geysers that threaten pirates and ships alike! In this land where danger is around every corner, a pirate can earn a pretty penny from lucrative Devil’s Roar voyages.
This update will also include a rowboat, something included on the original Unity Engine prototype of Sea of Thieves. It will allow you to disembark from your main ship and navigate through waters otherwise unsafe for a large, clunky vessel. It can hold a whole crew while you stockpile your treasure and avoid those pesky sharks looking for an easy meal.

For those who love some virtual cosplay, there will be plenty of cosmetics in "Forsaken Shores." Three new cosmetic sets will be added: Forsaken Ashes, Ocean Crawler, and Kraken. Each set will have not only clothes, but tattoos, scars, ship livery, and themed items too.

All content will not be available from the start. Week 1 brings the base content, giving players full time to explore what the new region has to offer. Week 3 offers the highly-anticipated cargo run voyages. It'll have you talk to NPCs around the map and bring precious cargo to a new location. The catch is that different types of cargo have different requirements, like transporting rum bottles. Rum bottles need to be carried delicately and can't be shot at, or else they will break. This is but one example of the different types of cargo you can expect to see. Deliver the cargo to outposts and islands, or even the new seaposts for a reward. Seaposts are smaller outposts scattered throughout the map that sells items for cheaper.

There is still more Sea of Thieves content to look forward to in the future. Weekly events will take place in between larger updates according to Rare's content plans for the game. The next update has yet to be announced but is supposed to release this Fall or Winter, if the seas are steady for Rare. For now, there's plenty to enjoy with "Forsaken Shores."

Are you looking forward to this new update? What's your favorite new addition? Let us know in the comments below!

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