Rare PS4 Not Sold - Sony Donates Anyway

Published: February 18, 2015 10:52 AM /


Grey PS4

Unfortunately, the coveted no.0001 serial 20th Anniversary PS4 remains unsold, the bidder never came through with their winning bid. This is one of the harsh realities with auctions, not every bid is authentic. Everything isn't doom and gloom however, the Japanese electronic giant paid their part as promised and then some with the “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign adding another ¥20 Yen per tweet with a total of 1,156 tweets.

In all, ¥15,158,120 Yen ($127,278 USD) was donated by Sony to Save The Children, let's hope that the next bidders are genuine if and when Sony decides to put this rare console back on market. We're not sure if Sony will match again, but the firm did conclude with thanking everyone who supported the auction and announced that the no.0001 20th Anniversary PS4 will be showcased on Feb 21st at Ginza, Tokyo.

In case you've missed it, the 20th anniversary edition PS4 story was actually the very first one I've published to Tech Raptor. A bit saddening the outcome wasn't as first reported, but Sony did a stand-up gesture on their end all the same. The company has decided to post-pone the actual selling of the console due to recent events.

For the hardcore Sony collectors out there or video game collectors in general, the one-of-a-kind no.0001 20th Anniversary PS4 is still out there unsold. Sony could turn the rare console into a museum piece of sorts or put it back up for auction. We'll keep you tuned on what Sony executives decides to do with no.0001.

The gaming community by and large has done some great things in the name of charity, Humble Bundle being one of the most familiar to the PC gamers out there. Another fan favorite is the AGDQ stream, skilled players take speedruns to a whole other level in the name of raising money for good causes. Prank bids happen, but this isn't unique to gaming and shouldn't discourage anyone who wishes to get involved as a gamer and a kindhearted human being to help out others in need.

What are your thoughts on this console and do you agree that Sony did the right thing with donating regardless of legitimacy of bidding? 

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