Ranger Class To Be Added to Riders of Icarus In Next Update

Published: December 1, 2016 5:33 PM /


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Riders of Icarus' latest update will bring to the game its first ranged physical damage dealer: the Ranger. The update, suitably titled "Ranger's Fury", will roll out the 15th of December and will bring numerous additions aside from the new class making the game, currently still in open beta, grow some more.


The new patch will bump the level cap to level 50 and will introduce a new area called the Cloying Wastes. This new zone will be desert themed and all the new pets and mounts that the players will be able to tame and capture will follow the same theme. With the new zone will also arrive two new dungeons: The Temple of Sands and The Fortress of Sorrow. These instances will see players fight Khabim Brotherhood to prevent them from conquering the temple, and breach the fortress and fighting the Fallen Legion.

The introduction of the Ranger is, of course, the biggest news of this update. In our preview of Riders of Icarus, we pointed out the lack of a physical based ranged damage dealer in the game. All the ranged classes were magical in the build that was live at the time. With this update, Nexon addressed that issue.

Leveraging their skills with the bow and vambrace interchangeably, Rangers provide an invaluable service to the kingdom under the leadership of Crow and the Onyx Order. As special agents in the Onyx Order, Rangers are both revered and shunned as they carry out missions for the Kingdom of Hakanas. Flowing within each Ranger is the blood of the God of Ruin, making them specially equipped to track down and trace the power of Ruin. However, due to this affliction, there are those who are don’t trust the Rangers, forcing them to slowly come out of the shadows.
Nexon is also offering some goodies for people who want to try the new profession. By registering for the launch of the new class before December 9th while having a character of at least level 15, players will receive a free Ranger's Fury Launch Pack which includes, among other things, a permanent weapon skin, 7 days of Premium Service and a Character Beautification Voucher.

Do you play Riders of Icarus? Will you try this new class? Let us know in the comments.

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