PS Experience: Final Fantasy 7 to PS4

Published: December 6, 2014 4:26 PM /


Final Fantasy 7

Today and tomorrow are the Playstation Experience for Sony, celebrating 20 years of Playstation as of December 6th, 2015. To help take full advantage of it Sony has been making all sorts of announcements on its Twitch stream, and we are going to do our best to keep you up-to-date on the biggest news from it!

The latest announcement is that Final Fantasy VII will be coming to Playstation 4 this Spring. To much disappointment of fans, this is just a port of the PC version that was released on Steam previously. This is not going to be the long awaited and desired remake of the most famous Final Fantasy game to date.

Shinji Hashimoto was welcomed onto the stage with a lot of cheers and excitement when the Final Fantasy VII logos went up as he did. While the crowd was excited even by the news of it being a port of a port the Twitch comments were more disappointed in the fact that it was not going to be a Final Fantasy VII remake. There were some hopes given the date and the logo went up that perhaps it might be the long awaited remake that fans have been requesting for years.

Instead, now the Playstation 4 will join the list of consoled with a ported version of Final Fantasy 7 upon them. Given Square Enix's close relation with Sony this is a natural move to help promote the Playstation 4 as there are always tons of fans of Final Fantasy 7, in whatever form it may be.

Expect the Rerelease to get get a lot of attention when it is released in Spring of 2015, as the game always has when released due to its ongoing popularity.  The trailer for it can be seen here:


Do you think that Final Fantasy 7 will ever get a remake or will Square Enix continue to avoid that? What do you think of the game, - is it overrated or is it as good as the hype says? Are you likely to buy the game on the PS4, do you own it on something else already or are you tired of the game? 


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