Prize Crates To Be Removed From Forza Motorsport 7

Published: July 27, 2018 2:15 PM /


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Forza Motorsport 7, the latest in the long-running line of racing games, will be removing Prize Crates (the game's version of loot boxes) in the coming months as reported by Eurogamer.

A loot box system in a game is nothing new, but their inclusion in Forza Motorsport 7 left a number of players rather unhappy. These issues with the game were compounded by a change made to the VIP membership program late last year; the combination of these two factors arguably made the newest Forza title a bit more of a grind than its predecessors. Fortunately, this issue is being addressed in the coming months as noted in a news post by Alan Hartman from Turn 10:

One major area of discussion for the team has been prize crates. While we’ve never charged money for prize crates in Forza Motorsport 7, their presence in the game has continued to be a source of controversy. The overwhelming feedback has been that this system feels out of place in the game. After careful consideration, we have decided to completely remove prize crates from Forza Motorsport 7. Similarly, paid tokens – which were a part of previous Forza games – will not be coming to Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4.

Due to the complexity of removing prize crates from the game – while keeping access to Driver Gear, Mods and Badges – we expect that this process will be completed in the winter timeframe. Starting this month we’ve already taken steps towards that goal, first by unlocking more than 100 previously locked “exclusive” cars and, second, by completely removing cars from the prize crates in the game. The current lineup of prize crates offer no competitive advantage and only offer Driver Gear suits, Mods and badges, and these crates will remain in place until crates are removed entirely.

Turn 10 had not yet begun charging money for Prize Crates. It seems that the community response probably contributed to putting the kibosh on these plans. The integration of the Prize Crate system in the game is going to take a lot of work to undo. It remains unknown what the future of Forza Motorsport 7 will look like once the developers strip this contentious feature out.

If you don't yet already own Forza Motorsport 7, you can pick up a copy for yourself via the Microsoft Store. The game is currently on a 50% discount for the next few days. Now's as good a time as any to pick it up if you've been waiting to take the leap.

What do you think of the removal of loot boxes from Forza Motorsport 7? Do you think they should have been in the game in the first place? How do you think their removal will affect the game overall? Let us know in the comments below!

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