Loot Boxes

The House of Lords has called for loot boxes to be reclassified as gambling

UK House Of Lords Calls For Immediate Loot Box Gambling Reclassification


The UK House of Lords has urged the government to reclassify loot boxes as gambling.

The UK government could reclassify loot boxes in games like FIFA as gambling

Report: UK Government Could Reclassify Loot Boxes As Gambling


The UK's DCMS - Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - could soon reclassify loot

Battle Pass patent Wattson Apex Legends cover

Electronic Arts Has Patented New Non-Linear Battle Pass


A Non-Linear Battle Pass patent has just been granted to Electronic Arts, raising interest in what EA plans with the monetization model in the

resident evil resistance

Details Emerge on Resident Evil Resistance Loot Boxes


During 2019's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Resistance. Described as an "asymmetric online five-person multiplayer," it pits four players against one Mastermind.

Australian Loot Box Regulation

Australian Loot Box Regulation Recommended by Governement for Children


Australian loot box regulation may be coming soon after a parliamentary committee finalized a report on the matter.

PAYDAY 2 drills safes cover

Payday 2 Drills Being Removed Next Week


PAYDAY 2 drills will soon be a thing of the past, putting an end to the game's "Crate & key" microtransaction system.


What are Microtransactions?


There was a time in the gaming industry where you used to pay for a video game and its price granted you access to the full experience.

call of duty modern warfare season 1

Battle Pass Vs. Loot Box: Which is Worse?


Of all the things that have shaped the world of gaming, none have had a greater impact than post-release monetization.

UK Children's Commission Non-cosmetic ban

UK Children's Commissioner Calls For Non-Cosmetic In-Game Purchases Ban


The UK Children's Commissioner has recently come out with a new report that calls for the games industry to ban all non-cosmetic in-game purchases. 

modern warfare loot boxes

Modern Warfare Adopts Battle Pass Instead of Loot Boxes


Today Activision announced an entirely new plan for post-launch support for upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.