Loot Boxes


Capcom Condemns Gacha and Loot Boxes in New Report

Capcom has recently released their 2020 annual report, where they condemned "gacha-like loot boxes" because they want users to safely enjoy their products.
The UK Houses of Parliament, where British MPs debate issues such as UK game regulation. Image courtesy of London Perfect.

More Than One Third Of MPs Want Greater UK Game Regulation


A new survey commissioned by Greenstone Research has found that over a third of British MPs (Members of Parliament) want greater UK game regulation.

A game in action in EA's FIFA 21

Netherlands Heavily Penalises EA Over Loot Boxes, EA Appeals


The District Court of The Hague has ruled that EA violated the Netherlands' Gambling Act through its use of "Packs" in FIFA.

Eric Cantona, an Icon in EA's FIFA 21

EA Is Being Sued In Canada Over Loot Boxes


Gaming giant Electronic Arts, better known as EA, is being sued in Canada.

Supercell loot box lawsuit cover

Class-Action Lawsuit Targets Clash Royale's Loot Boxes


A class-action lawsuit has been undertaken targeting the loot boxes in Brawl Stars and Clash Royale; this Supercell loot box lawsuit claims that the microtransaction model in both

FTC loot box workshop cover

FTC Workshop Details the Massive Scope of the Loot Box Problem


A "Staff Perspective Paper" based on the recent FTC loot box workshop has been released, neatly summarizing the scope of the problem with this form of microtransactions.

The House of Lords has called for loot boxes to be reclassified as gambling

UK House Of Lords Calls For Immediate Loot Box Gambling Reclassification


The UK House of Lords has urged the government to reclassify loot boxes as gambling.

The UK government could reclassify loot boxes in games like FIFA as gambling

Report: UK Government Could Reclassify Loot Boxes As Gambling


The UK's DCMS - Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - could soon reclassify loot

Battle Pass patent Wattson Apex Legends cover

Electronic Arts Has Patented New Non-Linear Battle Pass


A Non-Linear Battle Pass patent has just been granted to Electronic Arts, raising interest in what EA plans with the monetization model in the