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A player launching into the air in FIFA 22

EA is to allow players to preview the contents of certain loot boxes in FIFA 22. Preview Packs will let you see what's inside before you pick them up

Three Second Life avatars staring intensely into your soul

Online life sim Second Life is removing gacha mechanics later this month. Citing changes in the way gacha mechanics are regulated, the devs say they'

Australia Loot Box Law

Australian independent MP Andrew Wilkie has announced that he will be proposing a loot box law that will restrict the microtransactions by requiring

A stadium in FIFA 21

A leaked internal EA document has revealed that the company intentionally pushes players towards a game mode featuring loot boxes in FIFA 21. This

A Togepi with three other eggs in Pokemon Go

Niantic is trialling a feature that will allow certain players in Pokemon Go to see a list of Pokemon that might hatch from eggs. The feature isn't

The FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, a game mode that prominently features loot boxes

The German government has passed a law that means if a game has loot boxes, they must be taken into consideration when that game is being given an


Capcom has recently released their 2020 annual report, where they condemned "gacha-like loot boxes" because they want their users to enjoy their

The UK Houses of Parliament, where British MPs debate issues such as UK game regulation. Image courtesy of London Perfect.

A new survey commissioned by Greenstone Research has found that over a third of British MPs (Members of Parliament) want greater UK game regulation.

A game in action in EA's FIFA 21

The District Court of The Hague has ruled that EA violated the Netherlands' Gambling Act through its use of "Packs" in FIFA. This ruling effectively

Eric Cantona, an Icon in EA's FIFA 21

Gaming giant Electronic Arts, better known as EA, is being sued in Canada. The lawsuit is being brought against the publisher over the presence and

The main artwork for the NBA 2k21 Mamba Forever edition

Update NBA 2k21's base edition has returned to Steam in all regions, most explictly Belgium and Netherlands where it had been unavailable previously

Supercell loot box lawsuit cover

A class-action lawsuit has been undertaken targeting the loot boxes in Brawl Stars and Clash Royale; this Supercell loot box lawsuit claims that the

FTC loot box workshop cover

A "Staff Perspective Paper" based on the recent FTC loot box workshop has been released, neatly summarizing the scope of the problem with this form

The House of Lords has called for loot boxes to be reclassified as gambling

The UK House of Lords has urged the government to reclassify loot boxes as gambling. A new report published by the Select Committee says the

The UK government could reclassify loot boxes in games like FIFA as gambling

The UK's DCMS - Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - could soon reclassify loot boxes in video games as gambling. UK news platform

Battle Pass patent Wattson Apex Legends cover

A Non-Linear Battle Pass patent has just been granted to Electronic Arts, raising interest in what EA plans with the monetization model in the future

resident evil resistance

During 2019's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom revealed Resident Evil: Resistance. Described as an "asymmetric online five-person multiplayer," it pits four

Australian Loot Box Regulation

Australian loot box regulation may be coming soon after a parliamentary committee finalized a report on the matter. An Australian parliamentary

PAYDAY 2 drills safes cover

PAYDAY 2 drills will soon be a thing of the past, putting an end to the game's "Crate & key" microtransaction system. OVERKILL made a Steam


There was a time in the gaming industry where you used to pay for a video game and its price granted you access to the full experience. With time,

call of duty modern warfare season 1

Of all the things that have shaped the world of gaming, none have had a greater impact than post-release monetization. The mere existence of such a

UK Children's Commission Non-cosmetic ban

The UK Children's Commissioner has recently come out with a new report that calls for the games industry to ban all non-cosmetic in-game purchases

modern warfare loot boxes

Today Activision announced an entirely new plan for post-launch support for upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. First, the publisher

A shot of Rocket League's new Blueprints

Back in August, Psyonix revealed its intention to remove loot crates from Rocket League. Now, the developer has released some information about the

uk loot box overwatch

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, & Sport Committee has recommended that UK loot box regulations are established to bring the


According to an interview between USgamer and Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato, the game Yakuza Online will not be released in the west due to

ftc loot box workshop

The United States' Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding an ongoing workshop today regarding loot boxes in video games. Today, we found out that

overwatch loot box revenue

Overwatch loot box revenue and in-game purchases have crossed the $1 billion mark in the fourth year of the game's release. While Blizzard

kids loot boxes

A recent study published in the Royal Society Open Science warns of a strong link between loot box spending and problem gambling in minors. The paper

the protecting children from abusive games act - scales

Earlier last month, United States Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) pledged to introduce legislation to combat microtransactions in games that were marketed