Pretend You're Greenpeace in Eco Warrior Simulator

Published: July 22, 2020 1:10 PM /


Eco Warrior Simulator

Developer Image Power, and publisher PlayWay have announced Eco Warrior Simulator, where you can fight for the planet by launching non-violet protests against non-eco-friendly companies.

Players will play as an activist who tries to draw the attention of the world to the problem of erosion on Earth. Eco Warrior Simulator allows players to launch various types of protests to draw attention to this fact throughout a single-player campaign that will have missions sites on every continent. Players will also be able to utilize infiltration mechanics to sneak into non-green facilities, sabotage companies to gain more time and support, plan and scout for missions, and manage your equipment, deal with a notoriety mechanic that will lead to the arrest of your more zealous campaigners, and a public opinion system. Oh, and there's also "Unlimited fun", which is definitely a tall order for any game, let alone Eco Warrior Simulator to accomplish.

“We want to voice our opinion in the ongoing global discussion about the threats to our planet”, says Marcin
Zaleński, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Image Power. “We hope that the combination of social awareness and interesting gameplay will show a different perspective on ecology and the people that are involved in it”.

Quick Take

This announcement is so laughably tone-deaf that I can't wait to see the meme videos and reactions that will come out as a result of this game. A game about protesting the environment is being released during a global pandemic? It's hilarious. Plus, it doesn't even look very good at all, which is strange. If you're going to release a game about your mission, you'd think it'd actually be a good game, right? I guess not.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you ready to fight for green, peace, or perhaps even both of them? Do you think they should have worked to get the Greenpeace license for this? Let us know in the comments!