Praise the sun: Sol joins the SMITE roster, brings weekend long event with her

Published: October 7, 2015 5:44 PM /



The battleground of the gods has been enriched with a new entry: Sol, the Norse goddess of the sun makes her way into SMITE in the latest patch. The divinities of the sun of the other pantheons decided to welcome her with a themed event to take place this weekend.

Sol is a mage whose mechanics rely on her auto attacks and heat system. Let's give a look at her skills:

Passive: Unstable Manifestation
Sol gains Heat as she uses abilities and hits with Basic Attacks. She gains +1% Magical Power and +1% Attack Speed for every 3% Heat. At 100% Heat, Sol’s Basic Attacks gain +35% Damage. Heat decreases over time.

  • Basic Attacks : +5% Heat

Sol burns bright, gaining a large amount of Heat, healing herself over time for (5/10/15/20/25% of missing Health over 5s) and igniting the ground around her. Enemies that walk onto the fire take (30/60/90/120/150 + 25% of your Magical Power) damage every second. This ability provides 40/50/60/70/80% Heat. Cost: 60/70/80/90/100. Cooldown: 15s.

Stellar Burst
Sol’s next Basic Attack explodes, creating a shockwave that travels out, dealing (40/70/100/130/160 + 35% of your Magical Power) damage. At full size, the wave retracts, dealing damage again and Slowing enemies. This ability provides 10% Heat. Cost: 60/65/70/75/80. Cooldown: 10s.

Sol burns down her manifestation, gaining movement speed (20/25/25/25/30%) and ignoring all movement penalties, while leaving a trail of fire behind her that damages enemies (20/40/60/80/100 + 25% of your Magical Power) every .5 seconds. After 3s Sol loses corporeal form for a short time and her trail explodes, Stunning enemies for 1.5s. Sol may leave her incorporeal form early. This ability provides 10% Heat. Cost: 60. Cooldown: 15s.

Ultimate: Supernova
Sol unleashes all her flame and fury from the sky, striking 8 times along a moveable ground target location. Enemies hit take (150/200/250/300/350 +50% of your Magical Power) damage are knocked back on the first strike, only taking 20% damage on successive hits. This ability generates 10% Heat. Cost: 100. Cooldown: 90s.

Her passive looks interesting, since it forces the player to play her very dynamically and promotes an aggressive strategy. Her third skill has been particularly criticized since it provides no less than 4 beneficial effects to Sol. Seeing it in play, it does not look very easy to land efficiently though. It's a weird one and it will be interesting to see how she places herself in the current meta.

Of course there is more to this patch than the new god (like the buff to Sobek that made me all fuzzy and warm inside), but it would be too long to list everything here. You can read the full patch notes here.

SMITE Sol Praise the Sun

To celebrate the new patch and new god, Hi Rez will hold a sun themed weekend event from the 9th to the 11th of October. During the event, you'll be able to purchase the other sun gods in the game (Ra, Apollo, Hou Yi and Khepri) as well as their voice packs and select skill for half the price in gems. You can find all the items on sale here. You will also earn double fantasy points during the event if you purchased a Season Ticket.

All around, Sol brought some heat in SMITE's battlegrounds.

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