Pokemon Grand Colosseum Revitalizes the GameCube Spin-off

Pokemon Grand Colosseum, a ROM hack of the GameCube-based spin-off, adds a variety of quality of life changes and makes a hard game harder.

Published: November 10, 2021 12:31 PM /


The title screen for Pokemon Grand Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum, the 2003/2004 spin-off for the Nintendo GameCube, has just gotten a bit of fan love in the form of a new ROM hack. Known as Pokemon Grand Colosseum, this ROM hack makes the already difficult game tougher and adds a variety of quality of life changes.

Released just yesterday by Kya, Pokemon Grand Colosseum is the first quality of life and difficulty ROM hack for Pokemon Colosseum and the first major ROM hack for the game to be publically released. Pokemon Colosseum is known to be one of the harder games in the franchise, albeit as a spin-off instead of a main entry such as Sword and Shield. This ROM hack makes the game even tougher to provide a real challenge for the Pokemon vetrans to really test their skills. In addition, the ROM hack provides a variety of quality of life changes, some of which bring the game's mechanics more in-line with modern entries.

A battle in Pokemon Grand Colosseum.

What are some of the major quality of life changes in Pokemon Grand Colosseum?

Some of the biggest changes made in the ROM hack include:

  • The inclusion of the Fairy type, introduced in Generation 6 (Pokemon X and Y)
  • Over 50 new moves
  • Changing how Physical and Special moves work as of Generation 4 (where Physical/Special damage is based on a per-move basis instead of the move's type, such as Poison or Fire)
  • New Shadow Pokemon, corrupted Pokemon that only appeared in this game and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
  • Infinite-use TMs

On the ROM hack's page, Kya gives a shoutout to fellow modder Stars and the modding tools he developed. Kya also mentions that there are plenty of other features they're hoping to add to the project, and would like to get in touch with anyone knowledgable in coding or texture editing.

Pokemon Grand Colosseum, which is currently on Version 1.03 as of this article, can be downloaded here on Project Pokemon, at least until Nintendo brings down the hammer on this fan project.

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