Pokémon: Contrary Serperior Event Live For NA

Published: January 25, 2015 1:51 PM /



Previously only released for owners of Japanese copies of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the Contrary Serperior event has been confirmed for its NA release.  This is the first of three releases of fully-evolved Unova starters with their newly released Hidden Abilities.  The event runs until November 30, 2015, and is a code received mystery gift containing a Hidden Ability Serperior. The other two fully-evolved Unova starters will be released with Hidden Ability for NA customers in the near future, but are already available to those with a Japanese copy of the game. The code used to obtain one of these special Serperiors is "POKEMON497". Following this trend, it can be assumed that the codes for Reckless Emboar and Shell Armor Samurott may be "POKEMON500" and "POKEMON503" respectively, just as they were for the Japanese release, but this is unconfirmed and their official codes will be released on January 29, 2015 and February 5, 2015. This is the first time a code event Pokémon has been released for non-Japanese regions.

Contrary is an ability which causes all Stat Changes to a Pokémon to have a reverse effect; it is the Hidden Ability of Serperior and its pre-evolutions, Snivy (basic) and Servine (stage 2). Moves that would negatively impact a Pokémon's stats such as Leaf Storm, which causes a two stage drop in Special Attack, will now have a mirroring positive effect: a two stage rise in Special Attack. Prior to this event, the ability was not available to the Snivy family, but with the event release of Contrary Serperior, it is possible to obtain its pre-evolutions with this ability by breeding or trading. Upon the release of the rest of the Unova starters, the Johto region is now the only region whose starters do not have officially released Hidden Abilities.

To receive your Serperior, select Mystery Gift on the starting menu of the game. Choose to get your Pokémon with a code and enter the serial code "POKEMON497" to download your Serperior. The code can be used once per game and will be unavailable after November 30, 2015. Pick up your level 50 Serperior from the mystery gift girl at the nearest Pokémon Center. It comes with the moves: Leaf Storm, Hold Back, Wring Out and Giga Drain. Remember that the codes for Samurott and Emboar will be releasing within the next few weeks.

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