Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds Overdrive Release Highlighted in Live Action Trailer

Phatom Breaker OverDrive LIve Action

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Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds Overdrive Release Highlighted in Live Action Trailer

July 14, 2015

By: Shaun Joy


There's a variety of advertising campaigns that accompany video games now a days, and the growing influence of YouTube on it is becoming more apparent on a daily basis. This time around the Thousand Pounds company, which has their own YouTube channel, teams up with publisher 5pb to bring a live action trailer for the release of Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds Overdrive onto the Playstation 4 on July 21st. The game is a beat em up that has released to various systems such as the Playstation Vita and Steam in the past, and brings memories of the early 90s beat em ups in not only visual style but it's simple and visually appealing gameplay.

The trailer follows one of the characters, Yuzuha Fujibayashi, battling a variety of Yuzuka-like bad guys.  The trailer is of the same high quality in terms of action and chereography from the Thousand Pounds studio, who have created such popular videos as Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight and the Ultra Combos series based on Street Fighter.

The game the film is based on will be available on July 21st for $14.99, with an extra character from Steins;Gate available sometime in the future for $5.99 (with Cross Buy available for those who own PS Vita). The original game has online multiplayer and a progression system with solid beat em up gameplay. Specifically, the Overdrive version will add more skills and abilities for character customization, as well as alternate routes with new items, skills, and different enemies for the player to face that weren't present before. More enemies have been added this time around as well as a new collection of arranged music for the Playstation 4 version.


Quick Take

Having played the Steam version myself, the game is a solid and enjoyable beat em up and was worth the price of admission for me, especially with the progression system and the focus on combo based mechanics. For those looking for games that go back to those old beat em up days of Turtles in Time and Final Fight, this may be something you want to watch out for. Hopefully the port is good like the port to Steam was.
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