Wuxia Soulslike Phantom Blade Zero Announced During PlayStation Showcase

Published: May 24, 2023 4:23 PM /


A masked character thrusting their hand in the air in Phantom Blade 0

Today, during the PlayStation Showcase, Sony revealed Phantom Blade Zero, a wuxia-style Soulslike heading to PS5 and PC at some point in the future. It's got lots of flashy, stylish combat and looks like a solid pick if you're in the market for Bloodborne meets Sekiro with a dash of Tenchu.

In the Phantom Blade 0 trailer, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the currently-in-development Project: The Perceiver, we see our sword-wielding main character slashing his way through a series of human enemies and monsters, as well as pulling off some pretty impressive parkour moves, which can also be used during boss fights. The character designs look pretty evocative in this one, and there are some cool-looking bosses as well.


In Phantom Blade Zero, you'll take the role of the Dark Raider, who has been exiled by their Order. You must embark on a journey of vengeance that blends Chinese martial arts and steampunk. The game is being created in Unreal Engine 5, as you'd expect from a PS5 title that looks as sharp as this one.

Hopefully, we'll get more info on Phantom Blade Zero in the coming weeks and months. We don't have a release date or even a rough release window for this one yet, so stay tuned to TechRaptor for more info. Phantom Blade Zero is set to launch for PC and PlayStation 5. You can check out all of the other announcements and trailers shown during the PlayStation Showcase right here.

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