Persona 4: Dancing All Night Launch DLC Detailed

Published: August 13, 2015 9:34 PM /



It's been a long summer so far, but it isn't over yet! In the spirit of the season, Atlus has announced the DLC Persona 4: Dancing All Night players can expect when the game hits later this fall. To send off the hottest season of them all, the female cast of Persona 4 all get their own swimsuits that they'll be able to dance in whenever a player chooses to play Free Dance mode. Chie, Rise and Yukiko all sport bikinis - while Naoto's DLC will include a slightly less revealing one-piece swimsuit.

According to Atlus PR, these costumes - like many of their other launch day DLCs - will be free for a week, before they'll be bumped up to an unannounced price. Apparently the "Girl's Swimsuit Set" will include more than just costumes, but not much else has been said. Persona 4: Dancing All Night launches late next month on September 29th, a week into the fall. Like previously announced, the game will have a regular $50 launch edition - including a Vita skin and a few wallpapers - and a separate $80 limited edition containing goodies such as a 2-disc soundtrack, a Teddie keychain, and a Vita pouch. Both versions of the game will get the free launch DLC.


Quick Take

It's become characteristic of Atlus's western branch to give out DLC for their titles around launch - a practice that I'm not personally a fan of, but at least for their Playstation releases, anyone can "purchase" the DLC ahead of picking up the game online using Sony's PSN webstore. Even if someone misses this "offer", however - it seems that the costumes are relatively harmless DLC, and they don't affect gameplay to any great degree - unlike some of Atlus's other examples of the practice.

What are your thoughts on Atlus' DLC practices? Do you plan on playing Persona 4: Dancing All Night? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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