PC Gaming Show E3 2019 - Songs of Conquest Being Published By Coffee Stain and Lava Potion

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PC Gaming Show E3 2019 - Songs of Conquest Being Published By Coffee Stain and Lava Potion

June 10, 2019

By: Andrew Stretch


Coffee Stain Studios and Lava Potion announce their collaboration with a new title. The trailer for this game shows a pixelated world of Songs on Conquest and it is set to be a Classic Adventure Strategy game.

Carl Talkfend from Lava Potion talk about this game as taking place in the world of Might and Magic. You will create a caster and build them an army before shipping them off. Once they return with resources you can then continue to build up your town. Battles, like the game, are turn-based. Each character will have initiative so you'll need to play out how your characters are equipt before heading into battle.


The magic system will be called "The Essence", in order to cast spells you need to bring the relevant troops to your caster. This means that if your troop that has an essence that you want to use gets taken down in the middle of a battle then you can no longer use their ability. You'll need to remember this when placing troops as it could mean the difference between survival or death. Carl Toftfelt, Game Designed at Lavapotion, had the following to say on the announcement.

Songs of Conquest is our love letter to the old school adventure strategy games that we grew up playing, but with a completely fresh look and a unique combat system that adds so many new layers to the traditional formula, Our team is made up of games and TV industry veterans with a huge passion for fantasy so bringing this world to life is an incredibly satisfying project.
Late 2020 is when the game is scheduled to be out but right now you can go to songsofconquest.com where you can go to sign up for the alpha.

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