Pathfinder: Kingmaker Patch 1.3 Fixes 500 Typos and Lots More

Published: April 2, 2019 7:47 PM /


Pathfinder Kingmaker Siege Art

Developer Owlcat games has detailed the recently live patch for their RPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The new patch, patch 1.3, is the latest fix that is designed to improve some of the games lingering quality of life issues.

The full patch notes, detailed in two parts on their Steam community page, particularly highlight one major issue that has been requested by players since the game's release; entering the Global Map straight from the player's throne room, instead of running through the capital every time in-game.


Another big issue was improving the game's localization, a major complaint by many players as well. The touch-ups to the localization add more scripted lines of dialogue for various NPCs, along with grammatical fixes to quest lines and written sections of the game, fixing around 500 typos in the game, as well as fixing major bugs causing several side-quests to not trigger a completion.

Other major additions include new icons for books, letters and notes, visual effects for several in-game spells, and ASUS Aura integration. One bigger change included was improvements to the overall interface, including tooltips for kingdom stats reflecting which advisor governs which statistic, adding pet stats to the inventory and the character sheet, sorting the games extensive encyclopedia alphabetically, and improvements to the spellbook interface.

The full extent of the changes can be looked at through the links above, but be warned as they do contain some minor plot spoilers for Kingmaker.


Pathfinder: Kingmaker is based on the popular tabletop game Pathfinder by publisher Paizo, and was a Kickstarter project from indie developer Owlcat Games, which would eventually see release in September of 2018 to mixed reviews. The game is the first RPG title to bear the Pathfinder license and pays homage to classic CRPG games such as Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale. You can check out a quick preview of Kingmaker, under our Coverage Club series, here.

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