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Outward: Definitive Edition Release Date Set for May 2022

May 6, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams

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Nine Dots Studio
Deep Silver
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March 26,2019 (Calendar)
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The Outward: Definitive Edition release date has been revealed! You'll be able to play the upgraded version of this open-world survival co-op RPG in mid-May 2022 -- and some owners are getting a free upgrade.

Outward is a somewhat interesting game in the RPG realm -- you are not playing as a prophesized hero or a mighty warrior. Instead, you're a regular peasant who will struggle to survive against the harsh threats in the world of Aurai. Now, this game will soon be getting a serious upgrade with the upcoming launch of Outward: Definitive Edition.


A total of two major DLCs have been released since the game was first announced back in 2018. The upcoming launch of the Definitive Edition, however, will do more than simply bundle together the base game and its DLC.

Outward: Definitive Edition will feature improved graphics and performance and quality-of-life changes. This enhanced version of the game will also feature poutine, a brand new item that my Canadian friends assure me is delicious. A number of other balance changes are coming, too, such as changes to the difficulty curve to make "hard enemies harder" -- you can read about the balance changes in a recent devblog.


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When is the Outward: Definitive Edition Release Date?

The Outward: Definitive Edition Release Date is May 17, 2022. The game will simultaneously launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.


PC players who already own Outward and The Three Brothers DLC will be entitled to a free upgrade to Definitive Edition, effectively granting them The Soroboreans DLC for free. Otherwise, you'll be able to buy Outward: Definitive Edition for PC and consoles via its official website when it launches.

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