Open-World Superhero Game Unrestricted Looks Awesome in New Gameplay Trailer

Published: July 14, 2023 9:12 AM /


Unrestricted Gameplay Screenshot

Japanese developer Indie-us Games presented its upcoming game Unrestricted at Bitsummit Let's Go! in Kyoto with a new trailer, and it appears to be one to watch. 

The game is an open-world single-player superhero action RPG for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S (the developers clarified that they're not planning a Switch version) made on Unreal Engine 5. According to the plan, it would require five hours to clear the story and over 30 of total playtime. 

It's a successor of a popular free game available on Steam titled Undefeated. It was released in 2019 when the developers were students and has been downloaded 1.7 million downloads. 

The development team includes six core members and employs external contractors for the rest of the work. The studio is currently looking for additional team members skilled in Unreal Engine 5 development. They're also interested in cross-media projects if they can find a publisher that can provide its expertise on different media. 

The plan is to release the PC version around August 2025 and the console versions in February 2026. Early access on Steam is being considered and it would start around April 2025. 

You can check out the trailer below and see how intriguing this game is.

If you'd like to wishlist the game, a Steam listing is already available. In other Bitsummit news, you can check out a couple of intriguing games presented by Shueisha games, Project Survival and Urban Myth Dissolution Center.


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