Oculus Rift Post-Launch Plagued with Problems

Published: April 2, 2016 7:27 PM /


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The Oculus Rift finally launched less than a week ago, but the virtual reality headset has been plagued with post-launch complications.

The biggest hurdles seem to stem from shipping issues by Oculus. According to some reddit posts, a number of complaints have been brought against Oculus for the low number of pre-orders that have actually been delivered since March 28th. Some people have gotten a confirmation that the Oculus Rift will be shipped between a 1-3 weeks after the 28th, while others have not had their pre-orders honored at all yet. 

Other problems are stemming from the quality of the headset in the hands of those who did receive it on time. Some complaints stem from a low brightness screen to a smaller FOV with the competing virtual reality headset, the Vive. Other minor complaints included how the Xbox controller is poorly implemented for virtual reality play, and that the Oculus Home and all of its software must be installed in a C drive, although that is apparently a high priority fix by Oculus. 

Today, Oculus finally addressed the situation. Oculus Co-founder Brendan Iribe tweeted earlier today about an offer to those who pre-ordered the headset free shipping and handling, including international orders.


This policy has been confirmed, and is being carried out as compensation for the lack of updates since March 28th. Currently, Oculus is sending out emails to those who pre-ordered, and giving them a soft timetable as to when their order will be updated on Oculus.com. 


It should be noted that Oculus does not allow refunds from their proprietary store, including any software purchased for the Oculus Rift. This may prove problematic in the future, as other companies have also set up no refund policies before, only to be brought to court over them- most notably Valve

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