Not A Hero Gets Playstation Release Date, PS Vita Version Cancelled

Published: January 13, 2016 8:55 AM /


Not A Hero - Deadly Ninja

Indie shooter Not A Hero got a concrete release date for the Playstation 4! The game, made by Roll7 and published by Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Serious Sam), will be available for purchase on February 2nd and will cost you $13.

The game, which already saw a release on the PC in May of last year, has officially passed Sony's QA. In a blog post on the official European Playstation blog the developer had this to say:

It’s been a challenge and we’ve had a number of false starts and epic fails, but I’m pleased to announce that, with the help of some excellent people and the support of Devolver Digital, Not A Hero passed Sony QA first time, and will be coming to PS4 on 2nd February 2016!

The developer also announced that the game's planned PS Vita debut has unfortunately been cancelled. The developer's statement on their own blog regarding the cancellation is nothing short of hilarious and makes it hard to be too angry about the game not coming to Sony's handheld console.

In the end, we tried simply copying the whole game onto a 3.5" floppy disk and jamming it into the back of the Vita, but this caused dangerous overheating and one of our test kits exploded, killing the entire NOT A HERO Vita Programming team in a fully upsetting and totally avoidable fireball of nasty burning. Initially, we thought it was baddies what had done it, but it turned out to just be our team's own fantastic ineptitude. It was at this juncture our lawyers advised us to abandon the port and come up with an elaborate excuse for its cancellation.

Developer Roll7 isn't an unfamiliar name to Playstation owners. The small team is also known for 2D skateboarding franchise OlliOlli, which saw a successful release thanks to that game being part of the Playstation Plus subscription service. We also wrote a review on the game as well as a Scouting Party first impressions video.

Are you looking forward to trying out the Playstation 4 version?

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