No More Robots Announces Dustpunk Deckbuilder Nowhere Prophet

Published: April 17, 2019 12:00 PM /


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Publisher No More Robots, behind such games as Not Tonight and Hypnospace Outlaw, is teaming up with the German studio Sharkbomb Studios to produce Nowhere Prophet. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game draws upon Indian aesthetics and card-based combat as players lead survivors to a promised land untouched by the devastation.

Nowhere Prophet: A journey to nowhere, or somewhere?

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic future on the planet Soma, many years after a complete technological collapse known as 'The Crash.' As the titular prophet, you lead a convoy of people chasing rumors of a land untouched by the devastation. Unfortunately, getting there requires you to cross vast, treacherous deserts. Complicating your travels are a variety of enemies such as bandit gangs, vicious wildlife, and murderous machines seeking to end your pilgrimage.

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The game, which was formerly available in itch.tio as a 'First Access' version, is a deckbuilding game, a genre popularized by the tabletop game Dominion. Like the hit title Slay the Spire, players travel along a branching map, encountering events and battles on their way to the promised land. As you travel from node to node, you have to manage your convoy's population, batteries (your post-apocalyptic currency,) food, and altruism.

While the map system bears a strong resemblance to FTL or Slay the Spire, the combat system takes on a more squad-based tactics system. In battle, you and an opponent place down cards, which represent your followers and enemy units, to fight each other. These cards attack each other and attempt to wipe out the opposing party. Players gain and lose cards as their party of followers changes and can use Leader Cards to make use of their unique skills. The final version will feature ten different convoys (in other words, starting decks) four Prophet classes, and over 300 cards.

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Lead your post-apocalyptic pilgrimage when Nowhere Prophet releases on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux in Summer 2019. For console users, the game releases sometime in 2020. Players can sign up for the closed beta in May on the game's official Discord.


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